Student Registration Form

Proof of Age and Residency:

Proof of student's legal name and date of birth is required at registration - this could be a Birth Certificate, Passport or Landed Immigrant documents.  Please bring original documents to the school.

Proof of Saskatchewan residency for parents - this is required for familes who have recently moved into the community.  Documentation could be any of the following:  utility bill, lease, mortgage, driver's licence, etc.

Requirements for High School Graduation

Grade 10

Minimum 8 credits

Compulsory courses are:

ELA A10, ELA B10, History 10, Science 10, Math 10

3 electives at level 10 or higher

Grade 11

Minimum 16 credits

Compulsory courses are:
ELA 20, Math 20
6 additional elective credits at level 20 or 30

Grade 12

Minimum 24 credits
(five of which must be at the 30 level)

Compulsory courses are:
ELA A30, ELA B30, History 30 a science 20 or 30, 2 social science 20 or 30,2 credits in PAA at the 10, 20 or 30 level, Wellness 10, Physical Education 20 or 30