Student Activities

Teams & Clubs

Baking Club

Cards and Games


Wildcat Football - Team Manager

Trish McDonald

NWCS Curling

Kate Smid, Marty McGrath, Taylor Darroch


Leah Anne Davis

Sr Girls Volleyball

Marcel Rousseaux

Jr. Girls Volleyball 

Shari Gebhard, Alex Graham,
Alanna Zerr

Jr. Boys Basketball

Shari Gebhard

Track & Field

Shari Gebhard, Kate Smid & Justine Wiebe

Cross Country

Leah Anne Davis and Erin Swan

Extra-Curricular Clubs Staff Advisors

Shari Gebhard, Cheryl Brost

Student Leadership Committee

Cindy Thomson, Erin L. Swan, Trish McDonald & Madison Murphy


Cindy Thomson, Jaiden Evans & Jodi Seibold