Student Registration Form

Proof of Age and Residency:

Proof of student's legal name and date of birth is required at registration - this could be a Birth Certificate, Passport or Landed Immigrant documents.  Please bring original documents to the school.

Proof of Saskatchewan residency for parents - this is required for familes who have recently moved into the community.  Documentation could be any of the following:  utility bill, lease, mortgage, driver's licence, etc.

Driver Authorization Application Form

Parent Response Form

Sun West School Division celebrates student successes and accomplishments in a variety of ways. In addition, we may share some student information to help with communication between home, school and community. We require your informed consent to share personal information about your child. The following describes the types of personal information about your child we may share with the public, with your informed consent.

When images and names of students are shared with the public, either through school division publications, media coverage, video footage or on websites, the Local Authority of Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (LAFOIP) must be followed. We require your informed consent to share personal information about your son/daughter. Visual image pertains to a photo or video of a student in which their face is clearly identifiable.

This form will only be required at the commencement of the student(s) attendance at this school.

Consent will be valid during the student’s attendance at this school, unless otherwise notified by parent(s)/guardian(s) of changes to the consent provided. Consent received for the use of a student’s image or work in a previous year will carry over to subsequent years.

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Saskatchewan High School Athletic Association Form E-7

This form requires the student's hospitalization number on the form.  Please ensure that you have the hospitalizaiotn number before you proceed to complete the form.  Thank you.

NWCS 2019-2020 Yearbook Order Form

NWCS 2019-2020 Yearbook Page Sponsorship

Parent Permission for Student to Leave at Noon

Grade 6-9 leaving the school grounds at noon.  We require your permission to allow your students to leave the school grounds unsupervised at noon.  Please discuss this with your child and ensure they are aware if they have  permission and what your expectations are.

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School Bus Transportation in Sun West School Division

If you require bussing to a school and are eligible for transportation services, please complete either the online or paper form below.  The paper copy can be faxed to 1 (306) 882-3366 or emailed to transportation